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Are you planning BODY SCULPTING? Is this your GOAL?

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Body Sculpting (called Body Building for men) is a strenuous weight lifting activity that highly stresses the muscles of the body. A light form of body sculpting could be planned just for weight management. Massage works to alleviate some of the side effects that go along with body Sculpting. Particularly, massage therapy has been shown to reduce soreness and improve recovery time, and it helps reduce flexibility loss associated with muscular growth.


We master and deliver several forms of massage therapy; however, each form works in a similar manner to target the muscles. After an initial assessment of your body sculpting goal and your muscles status we can develop a massage therapy program to help achieve your goal.

If you love your body to plan BODY SCULPTING, why don't you love your body with MASSAGE THERAPY too?


One of the primary benefits of massage therapy is reduced muscle soreness. The manual manipulation of the muscles increases blood flow to the muscles that are being worked on. Pushing on the muscles forces blood out of the muscle tissue, and then when the pressure is released, blood flows back into the muscle. The knots are also worked on with massage therapy. These knots are small micro-adhesions that result from muscular damage, like that caused by body sculpting. Reducing these knots allows the muscle to move more freely and eases tension and soreness.


The blood flow in and out of the muscle that massage therapy creates allows nutrients and waste products to be respectively shuttled into and out of the muscle at a faster rate. The increased cycling of these items allows for a quicker recovery time compared with rest alone. A quicker recovery time is important for body sculpting because it allows you to start working out again sooner and with more strength. This may allow for more muscular growth; more workouts can be performed, because the recovery time needed between workouts is reduced.


Muscle building, especially the type induced by body sculpting, can cause the muscles to lose their flexibility. Sometimes muscles don't repair optimally, and micro-adhesions within the muscular tissue can sometimes form. These micro-adhesions limit the range of motion a person can obtain. Manipulation of these adhesions, which massage therapy can target, causes the tissues to loosen and break up. Breaking up these tissues can allow them to properly recover, which improves flexibility.


We can recommend the service of Personal Trainers, with experience in body sculpting. They understands your body sculpting goal as themselves are body sculpting competitors. Sharing your goal with professionals with practical and competition experience, it can only benefit you.

Call us now to discuss your BODY SCULPTING goal. We are confident to design a treatment plan to help achieve your goal.